Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grandmom "Reets" 10/28/15 - 9/28/09

UPDATE - Sunday, 9/27/09 - The doctors say Mom is preparing for her journey. If anybody deserved a nonstop flight directly to heaven, it is Mom.

This is my mother in law who I love dearly. She is not doing very well right now and was admitted to the hospital a few hours ago, however it does not look too good.

Hubby is on his way home from the hospital right now and then hopefully all four of us will make the drive up together tomorrow to see her.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Next Photo Set, Day 264

I am posting my photos, it seems, in fits and spurts and am trying not to get too uptight about the fact that I can't seem to get to my blog on a daily basis. I know that once we are done with the beginning of the school year activities and the housebreaking/training of the puppy, I will get more time. Plus, I am committed to making sure I am done my work day by dinnertime. These past 6-7 months, I have been typing in the evening too which just doesn't bode well with blogging.

So, without further delay, here are some photos "in a clump" - I've been taking pictures on an almost daily basis, however I do still have a fair amount from vacation that I want to post too.

No swimming flag raised on the beaches while Hurricane Danny was out at sea.

This photo is an oldie from April 24 of this year showing the first meeting of our two dogs.

This is our two dogs now playing together.

The bigger seagull was not about to share his pretzel find with the smaller gull.

My son and husband assembling our beach cabana.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Multiple Photos, Day 259

I took a ton of photos of this sunset from atop of the house I was staying in a couple of days ago. The colors in person were so much more vibrant...

The necklace my daughter just strung while on vacation. Each bead was carefully considered before she purchased it. I loved it when she was finished and we had a fun time planning it together.

The woman we purchased Ruby from - she absolutely loves her beagles and twice a year holds an event where owners of beagles can gather together for a few hours and chat. She gets to see the puppies she brought into this world - Ruby gave her a few wet kisses as a thank you.

Look mom, no legs!!!

My sister, my friend.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 252 and 253

A day to remember - those who lost their lives eight years ago. Could it really be that much time that has gone by?

We watched this crab (and others) for several hours. Talk about a work ethic. They did all day so that at night they have their holes and tunnels into which they can retreat. It was fascinating to observe the very painstaking process. We went back to the beach after dark and were treated to a view of lots of "ghost crabs" running around in the surf and on the sand.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Glimpses, Day 250 and 251

This was such a beautiful and graceful creature. I wish we could have sat and just watched a little bit longer.

Trying to hold on to the sunset for just a bit longer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Unintentional Family Photo, Day 249

I took a photo of my son and when I opened it up in Photoshop, I saw my daughter, part of my husband, and me. So, it is a family portrait of sorts.... Kind of lame but fun too!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chesapeake Bay Sunrise, Day 248

This is the stuff that gives me an "oh wow" moment..... We left the Outer Banks at 5 AM and I hoped for a glimpse of the sunrise - I didn't expect that we would reach the Chesapeake Bay at the same time the sun was rising.

We arrived home at exactly 12:45 PM. We took our dogs with us this year. Freckles is 11 1/2 years old and this was his first vacation ever. I think he liked it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Items Checked Off My Bucket List, Day 246 and 247

I don't have a very long list of things that I want to do while here in earth. However, two of the items on my short bucket list (actually four of them) were accomplished while on vacation.

The first item is that I got to ride on a Segway in Carova, NC. The four of us had hour-long lessons before our guide would let us hit the trails.

The second item is that I got to see in person the wild mustangs that roam the beaches and dunes of Carova. These mustangs are direct descendants of the Spanish mustangs that landed on these beaches about 500 years ago. There are now only a little over 100 left but there is now a preserve that protects the freedom of these horses and they can roam the beaches and the yards of human inhabitants' properties without fear of being touched or bothered in any way. They were beautiful and very peaceful-looking creatures.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vacation Glimpses, Day 244 and Day 245

Hurricane Danny never actually came into the Outer Banks coast as predicted, however the power of Danny was certainly felt in the waters and red flags warning that no swimming was allowed ran up and down the beach. I tried to capture the intensity of the waves and realize that I've fallen sort of short on that. There were dangerous riptides and sadly a 12 year old boy was knocked off his surfboard and washed away not far from where I snapped this photo. We saw the coastguard helicopter but at the time didn't realize what was going on.

On a much lighter note my son felt it very necessary to show off to us that he could jump much higher than his sister. This photo was taken at Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head, NC. These are amazingly high natural sand dunes that are constantly shifting. People go there in droves just before dusk in hopes of witnessing and/or photographing the sunset - which is why we were there that evening.

Despite the evil look on my son's face as his big sister is hugging him, he does love her dearly - he just forgets to let her know that on occasion.