Monday, May 24, 2010

Vertical Face Plant

Ultimate Frisbee is a game played on the honor system. There is no referee - the players are supposed to call their own fouls, out of bounds, etc.  My son (in yellow shorts) was going up for the disk here  when he was slammed by this player who, amazingly, said he didn't foul him.

This play ended my son's ability to finish the tournament - off to the doctors today.....

UPDATE:  No frisbee practice for the next three days, heat and ice for his strained and swollen hamstring. No biggie thankfully.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well That's Sporty

Friday night, my daughter went to her senior prom. This is what made the journey from our house to the restaurant five minutes away.

I'm not that into cars at all, but I thought this little black number was adorable, don't you? Don't ask me what make/model it was - I didn't mentally record that info. I just recorded the "cuteness" factor.....

I could show some prom pics but sometimes I feel I may overdo the kid thing on my blog.  I now must visit my fellow bloggers!