Monday, January 5, 2009

Flood Waters, Day 5

Our water heater went some time during the night. We found out 'cause we had no water for a shower in the AM, but the basement floor had plenty.


Sara G said...

Sorry to hear about your water heater! If you were in Ohio you could have called our business to come and replace it for you!! My hubby is a plumber!!
No progress on the tree. Went back to work this morning and started tackling the end of year paperwork. Hubby's youngest 21st bday today so we just got home from taking her and her boyfriend to TGIFriday's for dinner.
Take care!!

Christina said...

Not a good way to start the day! So sorry about the water heater.

Our main water heater is in the garage; there is a small capacity in a closet in the part of the house where our bedroom/bath are.

A friend woke one night to the sound of water and found the connection to the dishwasher had burst ~ water everywhere and huge repair.

Christina said...

I just remembered ~ at our Houston house the water heater was in the attic! Wouldn't that be a mess if it burst?! For the most part, no basements in Texas and Oklahoma.