Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camera Has Been In My Hands

We dyed Easter eggs - and we have our own special recipe that results in eggs that look like this......

We went out to breakfast and I ordered one of my most favorite dishes - Eggs Benedict!

I convinced my son to let me take a photo of him - and his huge hair which seems to have taken on a life of its own.

He got his hair cut tonight - photos to follow soon.

We have the most amazing postman and I finally took a picture of him after all these years.... you can see me sort of in the lens of his sunglasses.

Freckles used to be as vibrant in color as Ruby is - age fades us - and dogs are no exception. They are enjoying their days sunning themselves on our deck. I can't put them in the kennel in our yard since they  both have decided to eat dirt - and it is very unhealthy for them...

Our flowering plum tree is in bloom!!! Spring has really sprung around these parts.

And the robin  proves, too, that spring is here!

My niece turned and smiled for this photo, while my daughter remained somewhat pensive..

It feels so good to be taking lots of pictures again!!!!


Christina said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing your photos! I've missed you, Dottie!!!
Love the colorful Easter eggs. Great fun!
Oh my, what a wonderful photo of your Beagles . . . Jazzy's Beagle color is fading too. She'll be eleven in May. Freckles and Ruby most be great pals!
Beautiful flowering plum tree blossoms!
I LOVE robins!
I see your kid's growing up so!
Take care!

Mari said...

It feels so good to be seeing your pictures again!
You have some great ones here!

SaraG said...

AWESOME photo's Dot. ALL of them!!
Your Easter eggs are very cool. The special dying you do gives them a tie dyed look!!
Take care and glad you to see a post from you! Have missed you but understand how full life is!!

Michelle said...

Very nice collection of photo's. Love the bright eggs and the breakfast. mmmm!

Love that you took a picture of your mailman. We used to have a long timer when we first moved in. He was so awesome. He would drop dog biscuits through the slot for our dog and would always except human treats for himself. :) We miss him.

Debra said...

Yay, it feels so good to have the camera back in your hands, doesn't it? All of these are great shots...thanks for sharing them. I love your colorful easter eggs....they're so pretty and unique. Have fun taking more pics! :)

Glenda said...

Your photos are absolutely amazing!! Love the colorful eggs and . . . well, I love all of them!

bentonflocke said...

fantastic shots - love the colourful easter eggs and the beautiful plum tree

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I love your photos, Dot. Do you ever have trouble with your plum getting a black fungus on the branches? Ours does. I love that tree so much, but we've pruned it and had it treated, and the fungus is back again this year. Yours looks very healthy, so I thought I'd ask.

Anonymous said...

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Oz Girl said...

Dot, your easter eggs are so beautiful, I love them! :) And eggs benedict is one of my fave breakfast meals too. All your piccies are beautiful, esp that robin and your flowering plum. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Linda said...

Everything grows fast with these teens, including their hair!