Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concert and Cat, Days 140 and 141

The marching band had their annual "Concert in the Courtyard" at school. It's not mandatory that all band members attend but a fair amount turned out to share their talent. My son is in the saxophone ensemble.

This is my cousin's cat. I think she calls him/her "Cat".


Christina said...

The saxophone is one of my favorite instruments.

Great cat photo ~ I love the eye color.

Darla said...

i love listening to the saxaphone! handsome boy you have there too.

Sara G said...

both pictures are just great!!
Thanks for sharing.
Hope you have a great weekend!

bentonflocke said...

beautiful shot! Love listening to a saxophone! One of my nieces is playing saxophone, too!

Wish you a wonderful weekend!!

Linnea W said...

Great that cat shot! Looks very mischievous!

Mari said...

Your son looks great playing that Sax and the cat shot is really good!