Friday, May 15, 2009

Getaway, Day 134

Yes, I took lots of photos of weeds the other day. But, I have to admit that when you get up close and personal with them, they are really not all that bad.

I promise I will be back to visit my fellow bloggers tomorrow. I am heading out for an evening to "chillax" (as my kids like to call it)with my sister. Call it bonding time or call it a getaway, either way we get to hang out with each other and stay overnight in a hotel and probably eat food - who could go wrong with that!

See you all tomorrow!

I know my numbering is off. I missed yesterday's post as I was out for the evening then too...with my sister! She's really ruining my blogging life - I will have to let her know that.


bentonflocke said...

have fun with your sister... and don´t forget to take a picture...

Wish you a wonderful weekend!1

Pacey said...

I did some photographing of very cute cute flower of a weed. And true, they don't look like weed at all when you see them up close on a photo. Very well done here Dot.

Christina said...

Sounds like a wonderful 'chillax' evening away! How fun!!!

Love the word (wishy) your kids have for this stage of a dandelion. Great photo!

Mari said...

Great picture of that "weed"! Have fun with your sister!

Sara G said...

Great photo. Weeds make great photo's!!
I have enjoyed them too.
Hope you have a great time with your sister!
Have a great weekend.

Robert Hill said...

I agree -