Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life Has Interrupted My Fun

I cannot, hard as I might try, to stay on daily photo posting. Too much has happened and by day's end my concentration is so poor that I can't get organized enough to post. More importantly, I've fallen behind on my visiting of my fellow blogger's blogs - something I am resolved to fix - very soon.

I still am taking photos (and losing ones that I have taken). I saw these flowers on my walk the other night and thought they were lovely.


Sujomi said...

Life has a way of seeming to occur all at once. I too have fallen behind on visiting and commenting other 365er's photo blogs. Take pictures and post when you can...but take care of yourself and your family first. You take wonderful photos Dot - I really like this daisy snapshot.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hope all goes well, Dot. There's something I disagree with though. I think that when you want to put pictures on your blog - your blog is more important than comments on the blogs of others and it should come first, however welcome your comments are elsewhere. (And they are!) I would guess looking back over your pictures here will give you pleasure and re-enliven memories and that's worth a lot. Also - we value what we see here. There are some blogs I follow where the owners never reply to anyone - but I still go there because I like to see what they've posted. It's a 'put yourself and your family first' situation, perhaps?

And . . . if ever you have time to post but not to leave comments . . . I don't get in the least offended if people don't comment so you can skip me if it helps. (Which isn't to say I'm not pleased when I see comments from you, 'cos I am . . . gosh, this is difficult to say properly!) I would keep posting in the absence of all comments, I enjoy it so much. I'd nudge you to do the same!

Historic record here!


bentonflocke said...

Love all your beautiful pictures - and the one today is another great one.

I know those times - please take care of yourself! Real life is the most important thing!

Many hugs!

Darla said...

they are lovely! great photo.

Misola said...

I agree with Bentonflocke ... real life is much more important than blgging and posting or hoping around the other blogs. I also had a time as I thought I could not get on. So take care of you, Dot!!

The photo is stunning!!

Christina said...

Pretty photo of the daisies. I'm so sorry about your mother in law, and want to let you and your family know you are in my thoughts.

Mari said...

This is a really pretty shot and I'm happy to see bright, cheery flowers this time of year.
Don't worry about us - if this becomes a task, it defeats the purpose! We're just glad to see or hear from you when we can!

Michelle said...

I gave up trying to post a picture everyday earlier in the year. I just get on when I have time!

Love this shot.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one behind in commenting on others blogs. I am waaaaaaay behind. I am fairly caught up with posting most days. And have gathered a select few that I try to comment on frequently. But have not been able to keep up with all those I follow in a long while. Just too much life, like you said. We'll pick up a sister (Esther's twin) at the Memphis airport tomorrow noon. She'll visit for a week, Lord Willing.
Just do what you are able. I enjoy having you stop by and commenting. Yet, if taking the time to comment means you are required to let something else go, don't comment. You are always a breath of fresh air for me. But if someone else needs the comment worse than I do, then by all means do so.

Just take your time, one step at a time and don't stress out. My kids are fond of saying (only because I say it to them): Don't sweat the small stuff - and it is all small stuff. :D

Cherie said...

ph well, things have gotten in the way of my blogging, too, but well, my macro monday post is up though it's late!! love your white flower!

SaraG said...

Hi Dot, beautiful photo!
Don't sweat falling behind, it happens! I am behind on commenting but trying to get caught up this week. Was down with the flu!
Take care and keep up the wonderful photography!!

uberrhund said...

Dot, we just all get busy and sometimes life pours over us too quickly.
Blogging is supposed to be fun and an outlet not an obligation, so never feel you are behind.
I always love to see your photos and read your blog, heck YOU are one of those that motivated ME to get with it and write again!

Your son and his date are just the cutest things ever!

Oz Girl said...

You really do take beautiful photos Dot! These daisies are gorgeous.

Don't worry about keeping up with everyone else's blog. I've found it really is impossible to do on a very regular basis, so I'm trying not to chastise myself when I don't get to it.

Keep up the good work! And take care of yourself. :)