Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank You, Day 275

First, I just wanted to say thanks for the good thoughts regarding my mother-in-law. She was THE BEST Mom a daughter-in-law could ever ask for.

I've been taking photos - maybe not every day in the last couple of weeks, but I have amassed quite a selection and I feel like I have really fallen behind in posting them. Actually, I don't "feel", I "know" I have fallen behind.

Anyway, here are several.

I took the dogs for a walk the other night and saw this bird on top of the telephone pole. Fortunately, I was able to cut through a neighbor's backyard and get my camera. I think it's a falcon but I'm not sure.

These are our good friends - and coincidentally the couple who arranged a blind date between me and my now husband. We get together for dinner once a month and have been doing this for about 18 years. Next month it is my turn to host the dinner - which ALWAYS has salsa and chips for an appetizer - it's a tradition ever since Jeff (the guy in this photo) got a bowl of salsa knocked on to his brand new white sneakers about 15 years ago. No dinner is complete without the salsa and chips.

Had a dinner party a little while back and took this shot of the glasses.

Playtime at our home this week - the two dogs are getting along great!

Tonight's sophomore dance - my son and his date. It was a very welcome ending to a long day as we said goodbye to mom/Grandmom.... I think having the dance to look forward to was a big help.

Since I put this post together, the dance has since ended and he had a wonderful time.


Mari said...

It's good to see you here again. Your Mom-in-law sounds like she was a wonderful lady.
I love the bird picture! What fun to get together with those friends and eat chips and salsa. :)
The glass picture is fun and colorful.
Your son looks so cute all dressed up!

LuAnn said...

Welcome back - sounds like you have many wonderful memories of your mother-in-law.
I love that you get together with your friends once a month. You always have something to look forward too.
Your son and his date look great.
We have homecoming next weekend. My son is a soph too.

Darla said...

i am impressed that you have been having those dinners for 18 years! that's awesome. your son looks so handsome there with his date!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I've not been around lately and did not know of your loss. Please accept my sympathies.

This is play catch up day.

Love the prom photo! Also like the chip and salsa story and photo.

The bird, if I were guessing, and it would be that, a guess, is a hawk. I believe a falcon would be smaller and slimmer.

Oz Girl said...

Your falcon aka hawk (or whatever it is! we know it's some kind of raptor) is awesome, what a great shot!