Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Memories 6-15/2010

I usually put off posting pictures until I get the time to edit them to try to make them look better. Because of this, I don't post as often as I would like.  This blog is a "photo journal" and what I plan on doing is posting more than once a week and if I get a chance to do some editing, great. If not, I don't think the Photoshop police will be pounding on my front door.
I've had these photos that were taken over the past several weeks - and they are just glimpses of holiday and post-holiday things and moments.

My son trying his hand at taking a video of his dad.

My niece and her dog, Bowser.

My prize at our family's Yankee Auction - cool, aren't they?

My son relaxing and not giving mom a hard time for taking his photograph - this photo, because of its rarity, may just be worth something some day....

My daughter in search of the pickle on Christmas Eve.  My husband hid it very well this year....

I like to call this photo "Christmas Light Against the Shrub and Snow" because, well, that's exactly what it is!

My masterpiece - a red and green velvet cake. I couldn't take a photo of the inside showing the alternating red and green layers because the cake was my contribution to a party I was going to. However, take my word, it turned out really nice and very delicious!

My daughter and her date for the Senior Snow Ball - that actually got postponed from December 19 until January 9 because of..... SNOW! One would think that a snow storm would be very appropriate for the Snow Ball.

My husband videoing me taking a photo of him!

A girl and her dog - a little blurry... Oh well.


Linda said...

Lovely, happy Christmas shots.

Ignorant question from a foreigner - is the hunt the pickle thing a family custom, or an American one? I'm intrigued!

Misola said...

wonderful christmas memories, Dot!
I'm totally impresed by your red and green cake!!
Hope it was so delicious as it looks like!

Oz Girl said...

What a great photo of your niece and her dog... and the one of your son smiling in the Christmas hat is awesome... you are right, that will be a good one when he is grown!

Darla said...

aww, these are great family photos Dot, i always love to see those kind.

Christina said...

Enjoyed these holiday photos of your family! Looks like the pickle was hidden very well! LOVE Bowser's ears and expression! Great job on the cake!

SaraG said...

AWESOME pictures Dot!
I don't edit any of my pictures other then adding my name to the bottom. If I had to edit them I would probably never get any uploaded to my blog!! Just no time for that.
Love love your holiday pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Michelle said...

Fun shots. The cake looks yummy, your daughters dress is adorable and totally cute ornaments. That shot of the light bulb is also really neat.

I just read your comment about being over whelmed my CS4. My advice....spend some time on Youtube watching tutorials. I have learned how to use CS3 on Youtube!

Mari said...

Great pics! I always think your kids look like you and then I see a picture of your husband and can see that they have both of you in them!
My daughter was standing here as I scrolled through these pictures and we both let out an "awww" when Bowser showed up. He is so cute!

Martha in PA said...

Great shots. I try and post something every day whether it is great or not. I had started last year,and did pretty well, but I didn't start on 1/1, so that was making me crazy. I started over Jan 1st. I also upload them to a 365 site., I like this one because I post other stuff on my photo blog as well. One day I am sure something will have to go give, with three blogs, etc. They all have a different purpose in my mind though!

I try and edit my photos the same day, I normally don't do too much post editing, but if I get too far behind, then I never catch up!

bentonflocke said...

really beautiful shots!!

your son looks like your DH - right?