Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Celebrities This Week, 17-22/2010

Just some everyday, ordinary run-of-the-mill tidbits of my life - nothing could top having the opportunity to get a closeup of a country singer.

I actually didn't take this photo - DH did. Everyone had a handmade Santa hat to wear on Christmas, except for me - mine wasn't yet completed but I wore it anyway - knitting needles and all.


This is a French horn that just was very shiny so I snapped a pic at my kids' concert.

See the wires and see the piece of tree trunk? The electric company came around to our neighborhood to trim trees away from the wires, however they couldn't get this "stump" off one of the wires so it is now suspended in mid air in our back yard.


The moon in our back yard this evening  - I never get tired of taking pictures of the moon (I'm sure people will get tired of looking at them though).

My two furry models - the other loves of my life, Ruby and Freckles.

And, finally, a bedknob (no broomstick) on the daybed in my office.


Michelle said...

Love the santa hat with the knitting needles. Too funny. That french horn just sparkles.

But what amazes me is the shot you took of the moon. This evening I took an almost identical shot with a naked tree in the corner!

Darla said...

i am still smiling about the santa hat! LOL, that is hilarious.

Christina said...

So, you'll have your Santa hat completed to wear next Christmas. The moon is always a good subject! Yikes! about the tree log.

Mari said...

I love that Santa hat! I'll never tire of the moon, or Ruby and Freckles.

Linda said...

What a great collage of everyday life. Love the French horn - what better reason to take a photo than the shiny coils of a French horn?

Jim Fisher said...

The stump around the wires is interesting.

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Life With Dogs said...

The hat pic is a hoot! Any chance that will be your FB profile pic next Xmas? :)