Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Cora" And A Hydrangea, Day 174 and 175

My daughter spotted a baby bunny rabbit just outside our living room window. She is there, all alone and no signs of mom, every single day. She is the size of a baseball - we have decided to call her "Cora". We don't know if it's a boy or a girl but the name seems to fit. My daughter wants to adopt her and I've told her a baby bunny does NOT go well with two beagles...

The other photo is my hydrangea bush under which the bunny eats her three square meals a day. I love this hydrangea as it produces multicolored flowers.


Linnea W said...

Both shots are lovely. The little bunny is so sweet; hopefully, it will make its home somewhere in your yard and stay safe from the beagles! And the flower! The details, shading, and colors are splendid!

Darla said...

how cute! i watched my daughter's pet rabbit get chased and killed by my 2 labs several years ago. there was no stopping them. it was awful, so smart move, no pet rabbits! great photo though.

Misola said...

I keep my fingers crossed for the little baby bunny to makes its life without the mommy.
Both shots a great! I like hydragena very much, too but ours are not in bloom

And thanks for your german "good night" wishes on my blog!!
Do you understand a bit german or have you learned a bit during this project?

Sara G said...

Very cute bunny shot. They grow up sooo fast!!
And your hydrangea bush is just beautiful!!
Great photo's!!

Christina said...

Cute little rabbit! Yeah, Beagles and bunnys ~ not a good combination.

The hydrangea is beautiful ~ love the hint of purple, pink and white! So that does that mean your soil is more neutral?

Dot O said...

Christina, the color will change. I am going to take pics today and will post one - they become a vibrant blue but are multicolored to start. It is my favorite shrub! I think neutral makes them blue but if you adjust the pH, you can make them grow in pink.

bentonflocke said...


Your pictures are great - love the one with the baby rabbit, but your hydrangea bush is also fantastic.

Are you interested in learning German? If you want, I could try to help you a little bit... and maybe improve your sentences via email if you´ll tell me your adress!
You hoped that your first sentence got right..

"Gute nacht. Pass auf dich auf. "

Yeah the sentence is correct! Well done!

Only a tip - in German substantives will be written in capitals --> night = Nacht

"Ich hoffe, dass Ihr Sohn bald besser ist."

In honorific = Ich hoffe, dass es Ihrem
Sohn bald besser geht.

among friends = Ich hoffe, dass es deinem
Sohn bald besser geht.

I think you did it great, hope you´ll continue

Wish you a wonderful evening (in Germany it´s now 7.30 pm)

Oz Girl said...

Great photos, Dot! Love the lil baby bunny, and your hydrangea is just gorgeous!

I saw your German comment on Benton Flocke's blog... good for you! So are your German readers giving you lessons now? :)

In reading Benton's comment above, I'm not sure I quite understand what a German substantive is, or what "in honorific" means? Maybe I'll just stick to English, for fear of mutilating the beautiful German language! :)

Mari said...

Beautiful flower and such a cute bunny shot! Nice job!