Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why We Celebrate, Day 171 and 172

The first photo shows a really cool cloud I saw about a week ago hanging over the carnival - very puffy and interesting to look at.

Here is the reason we were able to celebrate Father's Day today - because of him, we are a family. I am very fortunate - we all really like each other and have fun together. I am blessed.

I hope all dads had a great day today. Happy Father's Day!


Christina said...

Great photo!, but you should have included yourself!

Sara G said...

Great photo's.
Love the big towering cloud!
and love your family shot!! Next time, you get in there too!!

Mari said...

Nice pictures. I think your son looks a lot like you. Our family shots look the same, because I am always taking pictures and I hate to see pictures of myself!

Oz Girl said...

Yay for dads! :) Great photo of them all... we had a nice Sunday. Since he's been working so much OT lately, he just relaxed and did nothing. We grilled steaks and taters and corn on the cob that evening and everything tasted so deelish. The corn was outstanding, our first of the season.

Sounds like you guys had a really nice Sunday too. :)

Oz Girl said...

Duh. Forgot to mention I love your carnival shot -- you've been posting some really, really cool photos lately!!

bentonflocke said...

beautful family shot!