Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthdays and Sunburn, Days 207 and 208

My cakes don't always look this bad. My daughter wanted an angel food cake for her birthday and then while it was cooling, and since it was HER birthday, she picked off and ate all of the crunchy stuff on top - which left me with a cake that looked like it was half-eaten...which it was!

On Sunday, my son went to the beach with friends and did a very bad job of applying his own sunscreen. He is now left with a bit of sun poison and a back full of burn and blisters.


Mari said...

My daughter went to the beach a few weeks ago and was left with the same sort of look!

Sara G said...

The angel food cake looks so YUMMY!!
And ouch for the sunburn on your son. He needs some longer arms!!
Great photo's Dot!!

drewmark19 said...

I can definitely identify with both of these pictures. I always eat off that part of the cake too. (Unless if I have to take it somewhere.) :)

And, if I missed any part of my back, I guarantee I'd be looking the same way. I bet your son is absolutely miserable right now.

Michelle said...

I think I am the only person around that doesn't like angel food cake! :)

Ouch on the burn.....that is never fun!

Sujomi said...

The crunchy area is the best part of the angel food cake!

I am feeling the heat off his sunburn - ouch!

Anonymous said...

A lesson learned the hard way. Aloe Vera is about the best thing that can be put on any kind of burn. Of course, a cool bath helps too.

Well, if the birthday girl wanted to eat her cake in bits and pieces, I guess she is allowed. :D No matter what it looks like. It will all taste the same. :D

Good shots. Great job on the BD Girl.

bentonflocke said...

poor guy ... next time he´ll do a better job with the sunscreen...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Sure the cake was yummy!!

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we are having 2 weeks eastern
2 weeks Whitsun
6 weeks in summer
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1 week winter (february)

Christina said...

I always ate the edge pieces of my grandma's upside down pineapple cake, so I can relate to Colleen eating the best part of the cake (and hey, it was her birthday!). Hope Danny's sunburn is healing ~ OUCH! I always tanned really good, and didn't seem to have any worries with burning.

Martha in PA said...

LOL at the cake, it was her birthday... so I guess that she enjoyed it was all the mattered... I LOVE the crunchy stuff too!

Ouch, I hope your son is feeling better. We are headed down the shore on Monday, need to pick up some sun screen

Darla said...