Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo In Motion, Day 212

Yup, today's photo is actually two photos!

I have been obsessed at times with trying to capture in motion in my photos. My son makes a great subject because he usually has a ball or a frisbee in his hands. I have tried to get a sense of motion while maintaining clarity of the main subject. The one with my son with the small blue/orange ball captures the motion feel, however the one with the purple ball just doesn't do it for me as the ball looks like it is suspended in air and not moving.

All of this, I know, takes practice and I have years to come to do this.


bentonflocke said...

two great actions shots!!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

LuAnn said...

Very Cool !

Anonymous said...

Your son is very photogenic. Handsome young man. I think you've nailed motion in the last photo. His arm and the racket are blurred, giving the sense of motion. Others who know cameras could tell you better than I, but I think there are settings you can use to get the blurred motion better.