Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Every Day Life - Dull, But I Wouldn't Trade It

Glimpses of an everyday life.

I could drink this every morning! My house would be immaculate from the burst of energy I would get!

Looking quite bored.....

Afternoon snack - yummmmmmmm.

My baby, Ruby.


Darla said...

that peanut butter stuff looks really good! i have never seen such a thing. great photos as always! now how can you say your life is boring with good coffee, snacks, pets, and great photography skills? sounds amazing actually. :D

Misola said...

Fantastic photos!!
What is the first? Coffee??
Your dogs are sooo cute!!

SaraG said...

Great photos Dot!!
Your doggies are just beautiful!!
Take care

Debra said...

Love your cute little doggies...they look so very sweet!

What is that peanutbutter chocolate goodness in that jar? I've never seen that and just have to know where you got it? That is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

That is not dull...that is a perfect week in pictures!
Coffee,snacks and Beagles all the best type of things in life!

Christina said...

Great photos! Mary sent me some Wawa coffee in a gift exchange!

I like animal crackers. I've never seen that dark chocolate peanut butter before, and I love dark chocolate!

Cutie pics of your Beagles! :)

A dull every day life is a joy! :)

Martha in PA said...

I love the routine of everyday life! Not feeling well for almost two weeks though gave me quite a case of cabin fever. We went out and played in the park today (Peace Valley) even though it was damp and cool. Fresh air was in order!

bentonflocke said...

fantastic shot! love your afternoon snack!!! yummy